Navisworks for Integrated Project Delivery

BIM is an integrated project delivery process, where all the Stakeholders of the project play a key role by collaborating to ensure high standard outputs are achieved. Interestingly, different Stakeholders of the project might use various BIM applications as per the project need like Autodesk Revit, Bentley, Tekla, and ArchiCAD, etc., as authoring tools for respective services of the project like Architecture, Structure & MEP. All the outputs of the authoring tools consist of native information in the large memory, which will not be effective to use in the design or coordination review meetings. Therefore, the team uses Autodesk Navisworks, a collaborative and interoperable solution used to bring all disciplines/services on a single window with ease and smoother navigation. Autodesk Navisworks benefits your team with the following:

  • Navisworks converts large native authoring files into smaller files for reviewing purposes.
  • Navigating the models to review in the coordination meetings.
  • Navisworks allows commenting on the issues of a specific viewpoint.
  • The team can view and walkthrough the building to analyse it well.
  • The team can carry out the basic measurements and interact with the design team in the 3-dimensional view.
  • Allows integration of almost all 3D application files. The list of 3D file formats opened in Navisworks as below –
  • The team can perform clash detection among different disciplines and avoid costly repairs after total construction or during construction by identifying and understanding clash detection by 3D visualization to resolve clashes by the concerned Stakeholder of the project.
  • Material modifications can be changed on the go, and views can be easily built up to demonstrate various material choices.
  • Navisworks has three variants with different capabilities for specific uses,
    • Navisworks Manage as a complete solution.
    • Navisworks Simulate with all basic review functionalities with 4D simulation.
    • Navisworks Freedom to navigate the models for the review purpose.

Navisworks is a versatile tool that benefits all the Stakeholders at every stage of the project, for example, during design coordination, construction coordination, generating clash reports, 4D simulation and quantity take-offs. It’s a great tool for the project team members to successfully deliver the project in the current digital world. If you wish to know more about the Navisworks software, check out our BIM for Coordination, 4D & 5D course.