New Features in REVIT 2022.1

Autodesk has released new features with the Revit 2022.1 update to improve your quality of life when working with BIM.

With Revit 2022.1, Autodesk is delivering even more capabilities honed to the way you work, making it easier to document your BIM workflows. They are improving how Revit connects across products and project phases. And giving your productivity a boost, with better performance and common-sense updates to time-saving tools.

Document Efficiently
  • Sheets can be duplicated.
  • Snapping has been enabled at the midpoint of two points.
  • Select all has been updated for more elements.
  • Find in Project browser.
  • Keyword word search in schedules, Visibility and graphics, dwg exporting, and many more.
  • Pick any level when importing or linking cad formats.
  • Sloped fabrication layout improvements like adjust slope for fabrication elements, maintain alignment or pitched pipe offsets.
  • Duplicate existing family parameter.
  • While loading any shared parameters file, it directs you to a window popup asking for a new shared parameter file or upload an existing one.
Connect and Collaborate
  • Exporter added to export the levels in Revit to Formit.
  • New file interoperability improvements with more file formats added like .stl, .obj, sketch up and rhino.
Boost Productivity
  • Open any synchronized version of a Revit cloud model.
  • Enhanced rebar modelling and detailing: Edit multiple rebar set constraints at once, automatically match coupler size to rebar type.
  • Generative Design in Revit updates.
  • Dynamo 2.12

For the full list of new features, check the Revit 2022.1 release notes